Running Club 2022-2023


Registration for the 2022-2023 School year has ended. If you are interested in joining our Waitlist please fill out this form.

Colt Corral is an after school running club at Deer Creek Elementary School.  The club is designed to encourage kids to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle through running.  It is organized by the Deer Creek PTA Healthy Lifestyles Committee and staffed by our parent volunteers.  

Dates: After school from 2:45 to 3:25 on Thursdays from October 27th – April 27th.   Pick up is at 3:30.  We request that you do not sign up for running club if you have other after school clubs on Thursdays.

Cost: $12 which includes a dri-fit t-shirt and awards.  

How it works: At school dismissal, students will be escorted by teachers to the gym.  They will check in and begin running around the track.  Runners will receive a stamp on their name lanyard for each lap around the track (approximately ¼ mile).  Toe tokens will be given as rewards for every 5 miles completed with special tokens given at 25 and 50 miles.  At 3:25 students will come in to be checked out and escorted to the appropriate dismissal area chosen by parents on registration form below.

Parent Volunteers: Running Club is sponsored by the PTA and relies solely on the help of volunteers. Parents will be REQUIRED to volunteer at least 2 times during the year, once in the Fall (Oct-Jan) and once in the Spring (Feb-April). In order to volunteer, you must be approved through LISD.  If parents are unable to volunteer they need to reach out to our Running Club Coordinator and arrange altenative volunteer opportunities. If parents do not volunteer or do not arrange alternative volunteer opportunities, then the child will be dropped from Running Club.

Volunteer sign ups are listed below.

Volunteers must be approved through LISD.  Please go to: Here to become an approved volunteer.   If you’ve already submitted a volunteer application through LISD to help in your child’s class, then you’re already covered for all volunteer positions at Deer Creek.

Transportation Reminder: Parents must pick up their children from Colt Corral no later than 3:30pm from the designated pick up area. Students who are picked up late (after 3:40pm) more than two times will be dismissed from the program for the rest of the school year. A warning email will be sent to families before a student is dismissed from the program.