Benefits of Belonging to National PTA
  • Establishes a purpose (Purposes of PTA) for all member PTAs.
  • Develops PTA policies and principles.
  • Cooperates with other child-oriented organizations.
  • Works with national governmental agencies.
  • Establishes its member PTAs as nonprofit educational organizations.
  • Provides a national office in Washington, D.C.
  • Provides resources, such as professionally designed public service                    announcements (PSAs), a Back-to-School kit, Teacher Appreciation Week ideas, online parenting resources, e-learning courses, e-newsletters,                           Member-to-Member Network, and more.
  • Publishes Our Children, program materials, National PTA's Quick-Reference               Guides, videos and National PTA website
Benefits of Belonging to Texas PTA
  • Maintains state headquarters with a staff available for assistance and direction       for Local PTA officers and members at: 1.800.TALK PTA; the Texas PTA website,; or by writing Texas PTA, 408 W 11th Street, Austin, TX      78701-2113
  • Provides leadership training through workshops, conferences, Summer       Leadership Seminar, annual convention and Texas PTA's biannual legislative      session event, Let's Rally!.
  • Publishes various materials available to Local PTAs: The Voice, Texas PTA Handbook, resource guides, membership promotions and program resources.
  • Offers scholarships for educators and students.
  • Provides an annual convention for training and state business.
  • Sends information to Local PTA leaders on critical issues.
  • Provides legislative representation for the children of Texas.