We need your help to make DCE PTA’s fundraiser a SUCCESS!!
Volunteer to help with the November 29th Apex Fun Run today! Sign up here.  

This year the DCE PTA is partnering with Apex Leadership Co. to raise money that will in turn go directly to our school, providing our children with programs, events, field trips, and so much more! Join us and APEX as we raise money all while teaching leadership skills and encouraging fitness. With your help, we can fund our amazing programs and make a difference in our students’ lives.

Important dates:
November 12th-30th Program in progress (fall break in the middle)
Nov. 12th Teacher huddle (principal and all teachers)
Nov. 13th School-wide pep rally
Nov. 14th-16th & 26th-28th Leadership Lesson Days
Nov. 29th Run Day!
Nov. 30th Follow Up Day

The Apex Method is to collaborate with the school PTA and faculty to build student leaders through a meaningful, “hassle-free” and financially successful school fun run.

We Believe

  • Every child can change their school, and the world, in a profound way
  • Serving others brings the greatest joy and contributes to the greatest good
  • Learning by doing and exercise are both undervalued and underutilized in fundraising today
  • Encouragement and enthusiasm build others up—we will help build leaders
  • Raising money for your child’s school can also serve as a positive learning experience
  • Many people giving a little reduces the individual burden on the typical givers and donors

Teachers Have Skin in the Game and that makes for highly-motivated and excited coaches. Your teachers will coach their classroom teams to greater heights knowing that in the end, a portion of what the classroom raises goes straight back to the teacher for their classroom. More information will be coming your way this fall. 

Questions? Contact VP of Fundraising Monika Eckert dcefundraising@gmail.com