2022-2023 Watch D.O.G.S Calender Here!!!!!!

This program was designed to fit into the schedule of working positive adult role models! The idea is for Dads and Role models like you to not only spend time with your kids, but to also help out within the school and see what goes on while your kids are at Deer Creek.
We ask that you commit to volunteer one whole or half day (7:25-2:55) (7:10-11:30 or 11:30-3:00) per school year.
You can, however, always volunteer for more than one day. Please note that we will only allow 2 Dads per day in the school, unless there is a special school event that day.
A normal scheduled day will include checking in at the front office, getting a personalized printed schedule (details of where and when to go) of your day, eating lunch with your child or children, and helping out in all the different grade levels. Some duties could be helping out with office help, helping out specials teachers like PE or Art, or being in the classroom helping students in small group settings.
To become a Watch D.O.G. you must complete and be approved to volunteer in LISD. The district will complete a criminal background. Deer Creek Elementary cannot let you volunteer if you have not been approved through LISD. The application approval process can take a few days, so give yourself ample time. You will be contacted by PTA’s volunteer coordinator if there are any problems. To become an approved volunteer please fill this Application.
To pick which day you would like to be a WatchD.O.G on please visit the sign up here.
We also are selling awesome WatchD.O.G.S. t-shirts. These shirts are very helpful for students to identify a WatchD.O.G while on campus. You can purchase a t-shirt Here.


For more information about Watch DOGS email Heather VanHorn