Room Representative Guidelines 

Room Rep / Team Leaders
  • You can divide up the events throughout the year or work as a team.  
  • The Team Communication contact is responsible for communicating information to the class but does not have to be responsible for 
    planning and organizing all the events.
  • All room reps and volunteers MUST be approved through LISD (click here to start on-line volunteer application through LISD).  
  • The website will have pre-approved letters for the Winter Party. You may fill in the details
    and use them to correspond with the parents in your classroom.
Class Parties
  • We have a Holiday Party in December and an end of year party in May..  
  • Please discuss with your teacher what activities you would like to do
    and how they would like the party structured
Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Teacher Appreciation week will be in May.
    More information will be available in the Spring
Teacher Birthday
  • The front office has a profile notebook in the office if your class
     chooses to celebrate your teacher's birthday. You can also find them on this website. The profile lists the teacher's birthday, hobbies, and favorite things
Thanks for volunteering to help in your child's classroom!  
If you are a room rep and not receiving any emails, please let me know