Leander ISD Clothes Closet

Deer Creek is responsible for staffing the Clothes Closet with 3 volunteers 4 times per year.

Please sign up to help out.

Leander ISD Clothes Closet Location: 6500 Sitio Del Rio Blvd Austin, TX 78730

What will volunteers do at Clothes Closet? Some volunteers prefer to work "behind the scenes": sorting, tagging and hanging clothes on the racks, making sure clothing is sized correctly, straightening clothes and collecting hangers, or looking through a section to make sure the clothes are in style. Other volunteers prefer to work at the front desk, interacting with and assisting shoppers. Whichever type of work you prefer, there's a place for you!

In order to volunteer you must be a district approved volunteer. You can do that by following this Link.


Below are all the dates we would love for volunteers.

September, 27th 2022 9:45-12:15

October, 25th 2022 9:45-12:15

December, 6th 2022 9:45-12:15